Iridology teaches us to replace tissue and walk with the patient to see that he or she learns to follow a higher level of consciousness and health because of the teachings I bring forth.

May I never knowingly assert an untruth on another’s soul path or hinder the betterment of one’s future self. May I seek the help of all systems in the healing arts as necessary to help a person to a higher health level. May my interpretations be wise, tactful and lead to the upliftment of the patient.

My work should always show the highest concern for the patient. My promise is to continually study so that my patient may draw upon my knowledge and wisdom to bring better health to himself and his family. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the health of my country and that of the entire planet.

May I never assume that what I teach is the ultimate and only correct understanding of the healing art, and I dedicate myself to continued understanding of the healing art, and to continued study so that I may be of greater benefit to mankind.

May I ever be humble enough to hold my tongue from criticism of those who believe differently from me, and I resolve to remain open-minded toward new activities for the making of iridology into a better science. I resolve to uphold the truth in iridology, never adding my personal ideas unless tried and true. I will do my best to incorporate better ideas when available, to bring a higher level of wisdom to those who have need of my services.

While I may use iridology for personal gain, I consider the work a privilege and resolve never to forget to help the poor in purse or consciousness.

I will try always to be constructive.

Never will I be afraid to go alone, if necessary, to follow the path of truth and integrity.

I will recognize the limits of iridology and not tread on others who may believe in another path of endeavor.

My work, as much as is in my power, will always aim to be a blessing to family, friends, relatives, and humanity.

The benefit of mankind and not personal gains is my priority, and I acknowledge that many times we do not get an award for helping a fellow man or preventing an oncoming problem.

The ultimate goal of the iridologist is to lead others to healing–replacement of tissue and the development of a joyful, happy, peaceful life because of our teachings.

May my work and my counseling be always approved by the hand of Universal Good.


–by Dr. Bernard Jensen