Reflexology schools, organizations & certification programs–Schools offering Reflexology & Organizations to call to find a reflexologist or to learn to be one.

Find a Reflexologist– See photos and get contact information for Reflexologists I know and love! Volunteer your favorite reflexologist here too!

What is Reflexology–what to expect, typical treatments, etc.–It’s not just a fancy foot massage!

Recently, more and more studies have been highlighting the benefits that reflexology has to offer for those battling various forms of cancer such as mesothelioma. Read more at a leading web resource for those affected by mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that occurs in the lining of the lungs and abdomen.

Reflexology article–Reflexology relieves asthma

Read a sample chapter from The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Reflexology (my first edition)

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Hair Analysis–Order a hair analysis and discover possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies or toxic levels of other substances.

PAIN CHART!–Are you experiencing pain in your body? Find out what it could be–and learn about natural solutions.

Natural Health Books–spiritual/holistic topics

Quality Herbs, Supplements, and Essential Oils–NSP–Many reflexology practitioners utilize NSP essential oils and TeiFu Massage lotion for themselves and following or before a reflexology session for their clients. Learn more about NSP’s great products here.


Lookup Research Studies on reflexology

Article: Diabetic Foot – Your Feet Are at Risk if You Have Diabetes

The Foot Health Network Have questions about your feet or foot health? Direct them to the foot doctors at this site who will help you with foot care, health and products for seniors, diabetics, athletes and anyone concerned with their feet!

Foot Insoles Dr. Birchely from the UK provides Foot insoles provide foot care information and insoles for all forms of foot and leg pain. – Reflexology based Detox When applied, Heal Patches warm up so as to open pores of the
skin to draw out and absorb accumulated wastes via the skin under osmotic pressure from the blood and lymph systems. The site includes a question and answer area, a news area and the opportunity to participate in live chats online with advisory board members of including podiatrists, orthopedists, pedorthists, professional athletes and more.

Dreamyfeet Check out this fun and informative, a UK based, foot-related web site! “A site with a lot of valuable foot care information for reflexologists, fitness enthusiasts, runners, and others.”

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